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Centurio Epistula – Communion and Affirming Faith in Public Lives

A Salute and Thumbs Up to those bishops that have
taken action to prevent elected officials who support
immoral behavior in their official capacity (i.e.,
voting) from taking Holy Communion (HC).

See the article Catholics Must Affirm Their Faith in
Their Public Lives here

Personal Musings

1. It disturbed many that the Roman Catholic (RC)
American Bishops Conference decided to leave the
decision to refuse HC up to individual bishops that
was certainly not the message from Rome. Rome
identified public support of immoral practices as
behavior that should prevent reception of HC. It is
not clear that all the bishops understood that during
the conference. They did not read the actual letter,
but rather had it explained to them. They now,
however, know the wording of the letter and should
understand the position of their primate.

2. Many were disturbed when one RC American bishop
announced that the decision in his diocese must rest
with the individual communicant. Certainly each one of
us is responsible to examine ourselves and to repent
and confess before receiving HC (1Cor 11:28) Yet, a
minister still has the responsibility to speak to
those seeking HC if he knows that the communicant is
living a notorious life, has wronged a brother,
harbors hatred for a brother, or is in doing anything
that precludes reception in the eyes of the Church.
Leaving the decision up to the individual communicant
is to renege on a sacred responsibility and does a
disservice to their clerical office. As Archbishop
Myers in the article points out, this form of HC
discipline has been a function of the overseers and
elders since the earliest days (see quote from St.
Justin Martyr - ca167 AD.)

3. The Order [of Centurions] was established as an
association of Christians to resist the corruption and
error found in the world. It sought to guard the
simple Apostolic Faith as had been formulated in the
Early Church and was articulated in the early
statements of belief and Scripture, to encourage the
practice of a simple, ancient form of worship; and
encourage members to live by the plain Word of
Scripture. This quote is from our History page on the
web. The RC bishops featured in this article are using
their authority to control the HC and discipline
communicants in resisting many errors and evils, and
are taking the right actions in guarding the historic
apostolic faith and morals.

4. It takes courage for these individual RC bishop to
“do the Right thing” in the face of a great deal of
criticism and possible loss of membership. They,
however, Fear God - not man. We salute them. May they
Stand Firm for what is Right.

5. I pray that all churches might critically examine
their responsibility to exercise discipline in the HC.
May they remember the words of Joshua, Thus saith the
Lord God of Israel . . . choose you this day whom ye will
serve but as for me and my house, we will serve the
LORD [Jos 24:15]


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