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Centurio Epistula - IHSV - 27 October 312
Today the Order pauses to remember the story of our Battle Cry. It was related by Eusebius xxviii, from what Constantine told him.

Jesus Christ gave the battle cry IN HOC SIGNO VINCES to Emperor Constantine on 27 October 312. As Constantine moved his legions toward Rome, he had a vision of a "cross of light" and the Greek words TOUTO NIKA (conquer by this) in the sky. That evening as he considered this sign, the Lord Jesus Christ came to him and told him to be at peace and conquer under His sign. The next day he carried a Labarum with the chi-rho encircled in a wreath atop of a gold-covered spear with cross and the battle cry inscribed upon a banner hanging from the cross. He met the pagan force much larger than his, defeated them, liberated Rome, and ended the persecutions of Christians.

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