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Chrysostom's LONG Homilies

ave centurions
If you viewed the homily by Chrysostom this past Sunday on the Weekly Sunday Collect post from the Order of Centurions, you would have noted that John Chrysostom was verbose by today's standard ( One site recommended a 15 minute sermon in an interesting analysis I read this past week.)
If you find these Chrysostom homilies to be lengthy, an alternative to trying to read through the entire Chrysostom homily in one sitting is to come back to it through the week. That has two benefits, one is to reinforce the Scripture reading and the Collect, and the second is the ability to read a portion of his sermon that is tied to specific verses for deeper reflection. As we go through this year with an emphasis on Chrysostom for study, you'll see that verse-by-verse exposition is Chrysostom's style, and lends itself to a more detailed meditation and reflection on Scripture verses without loosing the whole of his homily.
If computer Internet time is a problem, and you wish to use it throughout the week, may I suggest you save the Weekly Collect Scripture and Homily to a file on your desktop so that you can refer back to it off line until finished. (file- save as, and navigate to the desktop to save)

Again, I will ask you another thing also. Which is higher? He who acts as a priest to God and offers sacrifice? or he who is somewhere far removed from confidence towards Him? And what manner of sacrifice doth the lowly man offer? one may say. Hear David saying, “The sacrifice of God is a contrite spirit; a contrite and humbled heart God will not despise.”  John Chrysostom: Homily LXV, on Matt xx appointed for St James 25 July] [400 AD]  - For we are a Kingdom of Priests [Rev 1:6]

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