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Re: [celticorthodoxy] Fwd: Petition

Aloha Brethren and Disciples,
The Christian Church was highly successful for two hundred years without the cost, upkeep and maintenance of buildings. Would it not be reasonable to return to the "House Church" traditions of the Early Church. There are nine house churches mentioned in the New Testament but not one word concerning the collections for or the construction of buildings. For discipleship growth, a small concentrated forum works far better than a theater for making disciples that are like Jesus, Eph.4:1-16.And house church ministries are not near the target for the militant lost of the Middle East, India or Africa.

It seems to me that we may have made ourselves look important with the focus of energy on expensive buildings and glitz when we should have been simple making disciples as requested by our Lord, John 4:1, Matt.28:18-20. If every disciple helped another believer to become a disciple even taking a whole year for the process, the work could have been done long ago. Exponentially, in only 34 years there could be 8,500,000,000 disciples of our Lord if each disciple made one disciple each and every year. Our Lord made 120 disciples during His short ministry and changed our whole world.
Yours, in His great love and wonderful mercy. Abbot +John<><

Reference: click onto History, the 20th frame down.
For discipleship training: A one year, on line, accredited study program for discipleship foundations with a BTh in Biblical Studies from Aloha Christian Theological Seminary.

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