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17th Sunday after Trininty

News of the Order and commentary appear after the Proper Collect, Epistle and Gospel

The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
Augustine on Psalm 80
Trinity 17 Home

LORD, we pray thee that thy grace may always prevent and follow us, and make us continually to be given to all good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Bishop Gregory [595]. "Prevent" meaning to come before from the verb prevenient. This calls to my mind Patrick's Breastplate Christ behind me, Christ before me... and Psalm 139 Thou hast beset me before and behind...

Psalm 80, Ephesians iv. 1   &   St. Luke xiv. 1
Homily - Psalm lxxx by Augustin

Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath day?

Bible History, France, 1372



"Prayer is a great weapon, a rich treasure, a wealth that is never

exhausted, an undisturbed refuge, a cause of tranquility, the root of a

 multitude of blessings, and their source."

 John Chrysostom [Thanks to Alan of the UK ]



  Peter Muhlenburg, Pastor, Soldier, Statesman - October 1st

Roman, Soldier, Othordox Monk - October 2nd

Francis, Knight, Religious - October 4th





As we begin a new year for the Order, we will move from homilies on the proper epistle and Gospel, to a study of the Psalms. We will focus mainly on the work of Augustine, and move through every psalm. These will be covered on the Sunday in which appointed according to our Psalms for Sundays schedule when possible and convenient; hence I'll be changing the appointed psalms on our Lectionary as we progress through the year, and posting Augustin's expositions from his book. This will likely take three years to complete with 150 psalms (and Psalm 119 being so long, but it will be well worth the time I believe for the Order to enter into a serious consideration of the Psalms and Augustine's perspective. We remember that the Psalms were the hymns of the Jewish church and the early Christian church, and were so for all Christians down through the ages until these latter days. A beloved centurion sometimes bemoaned the change we see in the modern church with what he termed 7-11 music... seven words sung eleven times to rock and roll. I am thankful that in our tradition psalms are a part, and an important part, of every service and office. This 1st Sunday of our Oder's new year we will begin with Psalm lxxx


I call your attention to a new centurion on our calendar: General  Peter Muhlenburg  -- Muhlenburg fought for America in her Revolutionary War and was a German Dragoon while attending college and seminary in Germany in his younger days The link to the painting on this page is most rewarding!  




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