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The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
Grace unto you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

Augustine on Psalm 105

LORD, we pray thee that thy grace may always prevent and follow us, and make us continually to be given to all good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Bishop Gregory [595]. "Pevent" meaning to come before from the verb prevenient. This calls to my mind Patrick's Breastplate Christ behind me, Christ before me... and Psalm 139 Thou hast beset me before and behind...



Holy Cross Day -- September 14th

Autum Embertide

Great Martyr General Placidas Eustachius - September 20th



A survey in 2002 found that a third of the

Church's clergy doubted or disbelieved in the physical resurrection and only half were convinced of the truth of the virgin birth.

[Counterfeit Communion And The Truth That Set Free]


news and views

Links for traditional Anglicans: "Not to Distruction but to Salvation, by Albert Mohler., The Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine, and the Society of Confessing Anglicans at GAFCON.

Benedict preaches in Paris against the lust for money and power

An Industry of Racism: Alveda King..

The racism in Planned Parenthood's history is undeniable. America's largest abortion provider was founded by Margaret Sanger, a woman who wanted what she termed "more children from the fit, less from the unfit." She once described aboriginal Australians as "just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development." She had no problem speaking to a Klan meeting.



The quotation above on the churh and the news items address the continuing issues in several national churches, which mirror the attitudes and cultural shifts of the society in which they exist - incorporating these ideas into their worship and doctrine. Albert Mohler quotes the 1928 US Prayer Book Ordinal for the consecration of bishops for the title: "Not to Destruction but to Salvation".. That same ordinal uses 1 Timothy iii. where it is written that a bishop shall be the husband have one wife. In the examination before the consecration the candidate is asked:

Are you ready, with all faithful diligence, to banish and drive away from the Church all erroneous and strange doctrine contrary to God's Word; and both privately and openly to call upon and encourage others to the same?

This Sunday is Holy Cross Sunday. We remember that it was on 14 September that the Church of the Sepulcher on Calvary was dedicated through the imperial decree of Helena and Constantine in 335, and the new church housed what was believed to be the Holy Cross which was found during the excavations.

Today's ancient homily is from Augustine on Psalm CV. The NIV Study Bible proposes it was composed by a Levite for one of the great festivals, probably the Feast of the Weeks (Pentecost) and recounts God's mighty acts for his people with an exhortation to offer the praise due his holy name. I focus your attention on this:

"Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm"

But it may well excite a question, in what sense they were styled (Christs, or) anointed, before there was any unction, from which this title was given to the kings. ...Whence then were those patriarchs at that time called "anointed"? For that they were prophets, we read concerning Abraham; and certainly, what is manifestly said of him, should be understood of them also. Are they styled "christs," because, even though secretly, yet they were already Christians? For although the flesh of Christ came from them, nevertheless Christ came before them; for He thus answered the Jews, "Before Abraham was, I am." But how could they not know Him, or not believe in Him; since they are called prophets for this very reason, because, though somewhat darkly, they announced the Lord beforehand? Whence He saith Himself openly, "Your father Abraham desired to see My day, and he saw it, and was glad." For no man was ever reconciled unto God outside of that faith which is in Christ Jesus, either before His Incarnation, or after: as it is most truly defined by the Apostle: "For there is one God, and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus."

This teaching is central to our faith. It is being lost to a generation of church-goers who listen to false doctrine that says any man may be saved by his particular sect and that no man needs to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord to be saved.  However; Jesus said,

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

 Augustine concludes with this:

..."That they may keep His statutes, and seek out His law" (ver. 45). Lastly, since by the seed of Abraham he wished those to be understood here, who were truly the seed of Abraham, such as were not wanting even in that people; as the Apostle Paul clearly showeth, when he saith, "But not in all of them was God well pleased;" for if He was not pleased with all, surely there were some in whom He was well pleased: since then this Psalm praiseth such men as this, he hath said nothing here of the iniquities and provocations and bitterness of those with whom God was not well pleased. But since not only the justice but also the mercy of Almighty God, the merciful, was shown even unto the wicked; concerning these attributes the rest of the Psalm pursueth the praises of God. And yet both sorts were in one people: nor did the latter pollute the good with the contagion of their iniquities. For "the Lord knoweth who are His;" and if he cannot separate in this world from wicked men, yet, "let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."...

That is good news brothers, for we who reject strange doctrine need not fear the wolves that go about to destroy the faith, but may rely on the promise of God, for the Lord konweth who are his and will not suffer their destruction, but he promises Salvation to his own.

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