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The First Sunday after Trinity - 2014

The First Sunday after Trinity.
Psalm 119
Beati immaculati
BLESSED are those that are undefiled in the way : and walk in the law of the Lord.
2. Blessed are they that keep his testimonies : and seek him with their whole heart.
3. For they who do no wickedness : walk in his ways.
4. Thou hast charged : that we shall diligently keep thy commandments.
5. O that my ways were made so direct : that I might keep thy statutes!
6. So shall I not be confounded : while I have respect unto all thy commandments.
7. I will thank thee with an unfeigned heart : when I shall have learned the judgements of thy righteousness.
8. I will keep thy ceremonies : O forsake me not utterly.

The Collect.
O GOD, the strength of all them that put their trust in thee, mercifully accept our prayers; and because through the weakness of our mortal nature we can do no good thing without thee, grant us the help of thy grace, that in keeping of thy commandments we may please thee, both in will and deed; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Old Testament Reading: Jeremiah 23.23-32
Psalter: Psalm 1, 5 | 2, 3, 4
Epistle Reading: 1 John 4.7-21
Gospel Reading: St. Luke 16.19-31

Toon: “The Christian Name of God is TRINITY (Trinitas, in Latin), for the simple reason that the one, true and living God is triune - the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Three Persons. Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday and for the rest of the Christian Year, until Advent, the names of the Sundays are after [the Sunday celebrating the] Trinity.

This ancient Collect is found in the Sacramentary of Gelasius in its original Latin form. It consists of (a) an address to God as our Strength; (b) an acknowledgement of our own natural inability to do true good without God’s assistance, and (c) a prayer for help from him in order for us to keep his commandments both internally and externally, in will and in deed.

To trust in God the Father through discipleship of Jesus Christ lies at the heart of Christian Faith. It is in such trusting that believers know practically the comforting strength that God’s presence supplies, as we go through the changing scenes and challenges of daily life.

Human beings are capable of doing all kinds of social and civic good as members of families, tribes and societies. But to do good, the good that God the Father accepts as good in terms of the kingdom of heaven, is not possible by sinful human beings if they are motivated only by human desires and power. The human mind, heart and will must be indwelt by the Holy Ghost in order for the willing and doing to be of that true good, which is acceptable to God and brings him glory. (The Epistle sets forth the love of God as the originating source of man’s love of God and of man.)

We are commanded (as those loved by God and indwelt by his Spirit) to love God himself and also to love our neighbour/brother in Christ, even as Christ loves us – and to do so with divine assistance. In the Gospel (Luke 16) the rich man failed to care for Lazarus at his gate for he was too much taken up with and absorbed by what he could do and enjoy in his own strength, and he paid the consequences” (

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