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Feast of the Order (3 January) - 2020

Feast of the Order of Centurions (3 January)
Renewal of our Vows
Office of the Renewal of Vows

On this day centurions may reaffirm the Vow of the Order in remembrance of the tradition of the centurions of the first centuries "Sacramentum". Another suggested day is January 1, or its eve, which was another day when the Roman Army soldiers would affirm their vows.

New members may be received into the order. 

Where two or more are gathered, a leader will state the Sacramentum. For those without a Cohort, the Primus Pilus will state the Sacramentum at the Chapel of the Centurions.
I acknowledge Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior. I will endeavor to obey the Ten Commandments and the Summary of the Law, and follow the Rule of the Order of Centurions; and through faith and the aid of the Holy Spirit - fear God and do what is right. So help me God.

Centurions and candidates, in turn, affirm their acceptance with the words, "The same in my case"
When a man was enlisted in the army, he received a special mark. All early Christians received an invisible mark at baptism, when he was sealed with the cross on the forehead.

The observance then may continue with Devotion or Eucharist using the following collect, readings, and sermon and Communion and/or an Agape banquet. If this office is performed on January 1, or its eve, then the appointed collects and the readings for the Circumcision may be used.

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