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Centurion – Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson

I had the opportunity to watch “God’s and Generals” this Christmas season. I’d read the book previously, but the movie focused its attention on General Jackson – one of Armerica's most successful battle commanders. As I watched, it occurred to me that General Jackson’s life as a Christian Soldier is an outstanding example for the Order. I’ve added his name to the list of Centurions in the Church Expectant that we recognize. A letter that General Jackson wrote during the Civil War clearly shows he was a man who Feared God and did what he believed was right – a man of integrity, honor and humility.

TJJ to Rev. (Dr.) Francis McFarland, Augusta Co., Virginia
Date: 1862 July 3
July 31st, 1862
My dear Doctor,
I am very grateful to you for your prayers to God for the success of the operation which God has entrusted to me. Please continue to pray for me and for the success of the troops entrusted to me. It cheers my heart to think that many of God's people are praying to our very kind Heavenly Father for the success of the army to which I belong. Without God's blessing I look for no success, and for every success my prayer is, that all the glory may be given unto Him to whom it is properly due. If people would but give all the glory to God, and regard his creatures as but unworthy instruments, my heart would rejoice. Alas too frequently the praise is bestowed upon the creature. Whilst we must not forget the superior importance of spiritual victories, yet I trust that you will under God's direction do what you can in securing the prayers of His people for the success of our arms, especially for the success of them which are entrusted to me, an unworthy servant, but who desires to glorify His name even in my present military calling. My trust is in God for success. Praying for a continuation of your usefulness I remain your much attached friend
T. J. Jackson

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