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No Evil in this World?

The LORD loves those who hate evil; he guards the lives of his faithful; he rescues them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10

I watched Bill O’Reilly as he read a letter from a viewer who claimed that neither Saddam Hussein or any man was Evil, but men only had a different viewpoints (not verbatim, but what I gathered from the letter). O’Reilly didn’t think much of this and flashed up a photo of Hitler and Pol Pot.

That sort of thought has pervaded our modern society. At Syracuse University I took and Ethics Course conducted by a self-declared Secular Humanist. His hero was a man by the name of B.F. Skinner. Skinner, as I recall, maintained that people don’t do evil, they are simply a product of their environment and behave accordingly. Skinner trained pigeons to fly messages during the war, and afterwards generalized his observations of the behavior of pigeons to men. An argument follows from this belief that therefore we should not punish anyone, but incarcerate them while we rehabilitate them to return them to society. Furthermore, these people are not evil, they are actually victims themselves. We ought to place them in an Adjustment Center where we can talk to them about how society caused them to act the way they did. Then we offer them a college education to get a new start.

President Bush said that he thought Saddam should receive the ultimate sentence. Let’s see, for those who follow Skinner’s theory that might be translated into five years of house “arrest” with a concurrent degree in Nuclear Engineering, all the while receiving periodic counseling from an enlightened psychologist who could declare to the world that Saddam was cured.

Make no mistake about it, Saddam Hussein is an EVIL man on the caliber of Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot. His sickness is from Evil and there is but one cure… Jesus who is able to cast out evil – The Real Cure has a formula, (Confess + Repent + Accept = Forgiven) + (Abide) = Cured. (BTW: Being cured does not erase temporal consequences, remember David?)

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