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Ronald Reagan
Commander in Chief (1911-2004)

Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.

Ronald Reagan’s faith was a guiding factor throughout his amazing life. He was noted for his positive outlook, and his belief that Good would champion over evil when people of faith worked toward a grand ideal. He was the one person who was primarily responsible for the freedom of millions of people in the areas dominated by the USSR. He correctly identified the Communist of Eastern Europe as the Evil Empire. Then by building up America’s capabilities, and by initiating programs to defeat the Soviet’s ICBM capability, Mr. Reagan, as the Commander in Chief, and in concert with another great statesman, Lady Margaret Thatcher, effectively defeated Communism and ended the Cold War without firing a shot. The following quotation summarizes his perspective that guided him throughout his life.

We are a nation under God. I've always believed that this blessed land was set apart in a special way, that some divine plan placed this great continent here between the oceans to be found by people from every corner of the Earth who had a special love for freedom and the courage to uproot themselves, leave homeland and friends, to come to a strange land. And coming here they created something new in all the history of mankind -- a land where man is not beholden to government, government is beholden to man.

His optimism for the American people was his hallmark. He came to Washington to change America’s perspective of herself. Like the motto of the Order of Centurions, he once said,

We didn’t come here to do things politically,
we came here to do the Right things.

He began his military career as a National Guardsman in Nebraska. During World War II Captain Reagan served as a Supply Officer and also made movies for the Army Air Corps. He ended his service to his country as the Commander in Chief.

Readers may wish to read more about President Reagan and how his religious beliefs helped to shape his policies and guide our nation in the book God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life

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