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Shroud of Turin - Article
I recommend the article "Does the Shroud of Turin confirm the Passion of Christ?" found here.

The information on blood stains: the locations and quantity, and a recently discovered "second face image" bring new proofs - worth a read!

If you ever get to Harpers Ferry Virginia, I recommend a visit to the Catholic Church there. It is on the hill overlooking the main street. It was subject to Stonewall's bombardment before the Battle at Sharpsburg. There is a life-sized Crucifix statue with the image of Jesus with the clear marks of the scourging from the Flagrum. I seem to recall that it was imported from Italy. I wonder if the Shroud provided its sculpture with a model.

In regard to this article, I think of the Centurion at Calvary and his witness of the Crucifixion (and perhaps the whole ordeal of the Passion)- and ultimate confession that Jesus was the Son of Man.

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