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Centurio Epistula - Just War and Chivalry

CS Lewis said, If the chivalrous character is not espoused by the Church and acquired in the military, it will likely not be acquired at all, and if there are no chivalrous soldiers, then no war - however just its cause - can be fought justly.

I recommend the article: The Problem of War: C. S. Lewis on Pacifism, War & the Christian Warrior by Darrell Cole

Mr. Cole cites many of Lewis' writings as he comments on Lewis' ideas about war and the warrior. He addresses such issues as the failure of pacifism, chivalry, liberal humanism, Christian witness, and the good war. The article is timely considering we are in the midst of a new type of warfare as we face global terrorism that can strike anywhere, anytime, and has been defined by the terrorist largely along cultural and religious lines. There is a real need for our soldiers to display and exercise chivalry given the nature of the engagements - a fact that was brought into forefront with the treatment of prisoners by US Military Police and Intelligence Officers.

The centurions of the New Testament, to whose example the Order of Centurions is devoted, exemplified the essence of chivalry. The Order, as part of the Church Militant, does indeed espouse the chivalrous character of these centurions and their successors throughout the history of the Church.

I bid your prayers for the chaplains of our armed forces who represent the Church before our warriors, and must convey the ideas of just war and a soldier's responsibility for conduct as Christian Warriors. Please pass this along to any chaplains and warriors who might benefit from Mr. Coles' article.

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