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No other gods but me ...

In the Order of Centurions, our Vow calls for us to endeavor to follow the Ten Commandments and the Summary of the Law. Part of the recommend Devotional Liturgy is the Decalogue: The Ten Commandments. The First Commandment says: I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods but me.

I recommend you read of this timely article by Reverend Mark H. Creech entitled The Inevitable Result of Secular Humanism.

Now most people today don't seem concerned very much about the First Commandment, they don't think it applies to them. The Second Commandment is related to the First. It tells people that they shall not make any idols for themselves. We don't often see, in our modern culture, the local silversmith doing a thriving business on household idols for folks to worship. So where is the problem?


I think of these as the Unholy Trinity. They are interrelated concepts that man has glorified and worships. He believes the unholy trinity provides the ultimate truth. Step into any biology classroom. The Theory of Evolution is taught as fact that brooks no competition from deists. We have a culture that has transferred this theory into a belief that man’s values and conduct evolve toward some greater good while at the same time denying that there is any "greater good." Modern man worships the unholy trinity in place of God. It isn’t limited to the pagans. One may hear the mantra from the pulpit on any given Sunday morning in many churches. There is more faith in the scientific lab, political dealings, or social action, to solve the problems of world than there is in God's providence. When modern man embraces the unholy trinity as the end-all, the ultimate truth, he makes it his new god. He puts his trust in mankind. The Scriptures are replete with the folly of man trusting in his own ways, and they begin in the beginning when Eve was beguiled into believing that she could be like God - that she could know what God knows - that she would decide good and evil. We have several generations that have been beguiled in the belief that secular humanism, rationalism, relativity, and scientific “proof” will provide all the answers for us, and find all the cures. Part of the fault is as old as religion itself. Science is the new magic which has always had its worshippers. Part of the fault lies in generalizing. What works well for proving scientific theories, through the scientific method, does not work well for governing our relationships and values. Albert Einstien reminded us that "Relativity applies to physics, not ethics" The laboratory determines outcomes very well, it does not covey truth or values - that is something that man must try to discern. He normally conveys truth an value in the stories and myths of his culture - as he listens to that small voice that speaks the language of truth and justice, love and hate. Social theory, and its bed-partner psychology, have engendered social experimentation in my country. Its results are often disappointing as measured by such indicators as abortion, illegitimacy, divorce, unemployment, convictions, etc.( see the article A painful anniversary by Thomas Sowell.)

We are assaulted with a media that is intent on replacing the one true God with another god as well - HEDONISM - the pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.. Shows like Nip/Tuck continually push the envelope of to disparage traditional morals and promote hedonism. In one episode the main character said, "Don't you get it? There's nothing to believe in anymore." We have a society where traditional Christian values have been turned upside down, and the remnant of those who hold God as Sovereign grows smaller daily. What shall we do? "The Order was established as an association of Christians to resist the corruption and error found in the world … and encourage members to live by the plain Word of Scripture" May God grant us success!

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