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MacArthur-Roll Call

Roll Call

` by Jerry Ogles


One of my early heroes was General Douglas MacArthur. His image continues untarnished in my mind until this day. On a recent trip to the Philippine Islands, I met an officer of the Philippine military who confirmed to me a story I had heard as a boy. He said that in the Philippine Army, roll was called each formation as in armies all over the world; however, after the last name was called in the Philippine Army, the unit commander would call the name, "Douglas MacArthur" to which one of the unit members would respond, "Present".

Douglas MacArthur endeared himself to the Philippine people by promising to return and save their land from the ravages of the Japanese occupation - and he DID! So he is considered always "Present" to the Philippine people. Just so did Christ come and save His people from the ravages of sin. He promised to return and he will and, yet, He is "Present" with us always..."even to the end of the world.
"The soldier, above all other men, is required to practice the greatest act of religious training – sacrifice."
Editor's Note:  Posted on another forum 1/2/06. The Most Reverend Jerry Ogles is the Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Orthodox Church . The AOC includes congregations in the Philippines. My limited studies of MacArthur have revealed to me a man of remarkable character, courage and faith. I endorse MacArthur's last Roll Call -- his speech to the cadets at West Point:  Duty Honor Country - 12 May 1962.  (read of hear it here)  


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