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Nativity of Jesus Christ - Nativity of John Baptist

The Baptist said of Jesus: He must increase and I must decrease. So the early church placed the feast of Jesus' birth on the shortest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), and that of John the Baptist on the longest day. Now in January we have passed the solstice. Though it will be weeks before we notice the difference, the days are stretching. But daylight is still subdued, and we may feel something of a "morning-after" in the wake of Christmas. As the infant Jesus was growing, Mary and Joseph allowed themselves to dream of the future. Can I dream of the year ahead, and find something to aim at in these twelve months? What new skill will I have learned to keep me young? Who needs me? What fresh start can I make?
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The Epiphany is a season when we remember the events of the life of our Lord up to his baptism, and his very special association with his elder cousin, John Baptist...


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