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The Great Unifier

I commend this article to you:
The Great Unifier Pope John Paul II. by Jaroslav Pelikan

As we remember the impact of John Paul II, certainly his efforts toward reconciliation are most vivid. I believe most if not all orthodox Christians, East West and Protestant had a warm spot in their hearts for this man and a respect for his principals and accomplishments. 

A few months ago I viewed on television a special service between the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Pope for the return of relics of two saints that had been removed from Constantinople by Crusaders in the 1200s.  I was moved by the symbol and the most important meaning of this service and the translation of the relics back home.

Within the Order of Centurions we have Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant members... all who  share an "orthodox and universal" understanding of the essentials of our faith -- that is our common ground. I pray that all religious fellowships everywhere might seek the common ground and walk hand in hand with their "orthodox" brothers of the One Church Militant. The unity of the church in the next century may be one not so much of regaining unity in administration and jurisdiction,  as in unity through a common bond with the essentials and against emerging heresies that could destroy the faith once delivered.

Unity in essentials, Diversity in non-essentials,
and above all, Charity


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