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Christ's "Warriors" Prayer on Commemorations

Centurions, Primus Pilus, Greetings
I commend this prayer composed by a fellow centurion that I borrowed from one of his posts.
"O LORD GOD of hosts, stretch forth, we pray thee, thine almighty arm to strengthen and protect the warriors of thy kingdom in the Church Militant. Support them in the day and hour of battle, and, during slow times, keep them safe from evils and temptations. Endue them with courage and loyalty to God's Word like thy servant now departed, [Name of Christian]. Grant that we may always serve thee without cowardice, ignorance or fear in the face of men, through Christ our only Rock, Defender, and Savior, whom with thee, the Father, and thee, the Holy Spirit, we worship and adore as the One True and Living God, now and forever. Amen."
Appropriate for corporate prayers and individual devotion. You might place it in your  Church bulletin so that members of the congregation can use it at home. It is readily adaptable to all Christian "warriors" . It may be used on the commemoration of a departed Christian as well.  I've placed the [NAME OF CHRISTIAN] in italics as it may vary with the names of those who have displayed courage and loyalty to God's Word (i.e.,, John Chrysostom, Paul of Tarsus, Stephen the Deacon, etc.]  It is also readily adaptable for any of the martyrs [witnesses who have suffered for Christ] that we remember, or from those you remember from your own religious tradition. Look for it in the future as we remember the martrys of the Church.
Thanks to Phil, a centurion of North Carolina!

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