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Meditating on the Word

To Meditate on Holy Scripture is one of the Rules of the Order. 


In the latest edition in the "Mandate," published by the Prayer Book Society, the Editor Dr. Peter Toon is dedicated to Christian traditions and techniques for Scriptural meditation. You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer to use these (5 or higher recommended)


Here are the contents concerning of this edition concerning meditation: see links to pages below.


Meditating—                      "The Christian Way, not the Eastern"

The Christian Way    

Page 3


Holy Communion as           Entitled True Liturgy. - "liturgical worship is impersonal

Supra- Personal                 because it is Supra-personal"

Page 4


Meditating—                      To acquaint ourselves with that form of meditation which is  

The Biblical Way                described and commended in the Bible

Pages 5–6


Meditating before               lectio continua - the continuous reading of Scripture

the Lord                            lectio divina - meditation that leads to communion with God


Page 7–8


Meditating with Heart,         some scriptural exhortations

Soul, Mind and Strength

Page 9–10


Meditating—                      Ignatian Method: Prepare, Picture, Ponder, Pray, Practice

Using a Simple Method

Page 11–12


Meditating and                  Contemplation... Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross,

Contemplating                  Sulpician Method

Page 13–14



(These are large files and require a PDF Reader.)


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