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Article from Orthodoxy : virtues of Military

Interesting article, short, speaks of a new book on the street Baby Jack. Some of us remember the treatment of Vietnam vets... This article reminds me of the actions of our Vietnam veteran editor of our paper. He has taken an active role in the community since Desert Shield of 1991, to make sure that in our little town we recognize good soldiers honorably.. Last week my son, Tyson, was made a Ky Colonel.. along with about 13 other soldiers. Why? Appreciation of the people: simply because he serves  today in Iraq.

Boomers Discover Virtues Of Military Service When Their Sons Enlist

Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse

Marine training is like a monastic order, writes Schaeffer, who has visited monasteries on Mt. Athos, the center of Orthodox Christian monasticism. The drill instructors are like the elders who burn out self-centeredness and the weakness it fosters. Character can grow in this climate.

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