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Amazons with the Legions

Roman Army History:
Amazon Women at War
" On the fact of it, the evidence is quite convincing that these women served as members of the Roman cavalry, and they may very well have been Amazons. "
From another articles on the female cavalry centurions in the funeral pyre in England comes this.
Another recent excavation may provide additional evidence for their [Amazons] existence. At a burial mound at Pokrovka in Russia, archaeologists unearthed the 2,500-year-old remains of women dressed in full battle regalia. Weapons rested alongside their bones. One female skeleton had permanently bowed legs, which researchers believe suggests that she spent much of her life on horseback. Another woman found at the site, who may have died in battle, was found with an arrowhead lodged in her chest.

For now, it remains unclear how the Roman warriors found at Cumbria met their final end before they were cremated.
read the entire article from Discovery News a few years ago.. I have linked this article it to our Membership page site inviting women into the Order.


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