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Indpendence Day Prayer

O God, by Your creating mankind in Your own image You did bestow on all people certain, unalienable rights. We come today in rich gratitude for these God-given liberties which are assumed in the Declaration of Independence, described in the U.S. Constitution & longed for world over. Thank You, Father, for Your directing providence & gift of courage that guided our forbearers to stand against tyranny & to fight for true liberty. Please protect our soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines today who face numerous dangers & depravations to defend these liberties. Shield our police officers & firefighters who risk much to keep us safe. Guide our national leaders, our legislators, governors & judiciary that they will be firmly steered by our founding principles, protecting & promoting liberty & justice for all – born & unborn. Prosper all honest industry, our farmers, our educators, public servants, the self-employed, the medical & helping professions, & others; that our country may flourish. Deliver us from all natural catastrophes, plagues, famines, pestilence, drought, war, & rebellion. May the religious always be safe to live their faith in this nation. May the citizens of this land always strive for a godly moral & ethical excellence in every situation. & now, Lord, we joyfully commend these United States of America into Your safe keeping, & implore You for Jesus Christ's sake to hear our prayers. Amen
As delivered by Pastor Michael Philliber, Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA), Midland, Texas, 4 July 2008 to the city at the Independence Day Parade.

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