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Christian vs. Christian in the Fourth Crusade

Of possible interest to students of Church and Military: The Bysantine Empire was of the new Rome (Constantinople), the Crusade of of the Old Latin Rome. Long document of four pages. It appears that some paragraphs are repeated on page 4.
Article from MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Christian vs. Christian in the Fourth Crusade
The chance to unify the faithful -- and gain a strong ally -- led to the
 conquest of Christendoms's leading city.

By Jonathan Phillips

In April 1204, the armies of the Fourth Crusade broke into the city of Constantinople and began to loot, pillage, and slaughter their way across the greatest metropolis in the Christian world. Within months Pope Innocent III, the man who had first called for the Crusade, bitterly
lamented the spilling of "blood on Christian swords that should have been used
on pagans" and described the expedition as "an example of affliction and the
works of Hell."
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