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The Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity

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The Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity

Grant, we beseech thee merciful Lord, to thy faithful people pardon and peace, that they may be cleansed from all their sins, and serve thee with a quiet mind; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Sacrementary of Bishop Gelasius of Rome [494AD]. Cranmer in 1549 replaced the Latin "indulgence" with the English "pardon". The call for "peace" in this collect has been ascribed to the fact that at the time, Rome was under heavy assault that threatened to break Pax Romana. [Barbee and Zalh] This collect is used as an absolution when the office is conducted by a layman.

Isaiah lix. 15b, Psalm 76, Ephesians vi. 10   &   St. John iv. 43
Homilies featuring John Chrysostom on the Epistle 

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God


Announcements for the week beginning 16 October 05

Weekly Collect, Scripture and Homily
May be used throughout the week following the apppointed Sunday unless another set is appointed for a special day

Please hold all centurions in your prayers this week. You may like to use this Centurion's Daily Litany

Feasts and Fasts
The Early Church fasted Wednesdays and Fridays except Christmas to Epiphany and Easter to Pentecost

Luke the Evangelist -- October 18th

Artemius, Duke (commander of the troops) -- 20 Oct [under Julian 361-363]


Please pray for
An old WWII Normandy Big Red One Div Soldier in the hospital - very ill
Centurions in harms way
Peace in the Mideast



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