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The Holy Table at the Megiddo Church

More on the Table.. in the center... see my comment below
"One of the most dramatic finds suggests that, instead of an altar, a simple table stood in the center of the church, at which a sacred meal was held to commemorate the Last Supper.

Photographs of three Greek inscriptions in the mosaic were sent to Hebrew University expert Professor Leah Di Segni, who told Haaretz on Sunday that the use of the term "table" in one of them instead of the word "altar" might lead to a breakthrough in the study of ancient Christianity. It is commonly believed that church rituals based on the Last Supper took place around an altar.
A look at the architecture of the early church with a table in the center is not new.
Take a look here at a early church layout about 1/2 way down on this page
and the  table/altar is in the center. Also notice that is not up against a wall in any of the pictures but could be walked around.  The presider and all may have been facing east during the prayers, that tradition was certainly placed in the canon law early on. The period after 312 and the Edict of Milan was one of change in the ceremonial of the Church, vestments, etc. It is quite possible that this "table" mentioned in the article and written in the words on the floor, became to be known as an "altar" in later periods.  Of course both the last supper, and all passover family feasts always occurred around a table.

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