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Narnia Movie 9 Dec: CS Lewis Tale

On the 22nd I'd sent out a small reflection on the centurion of the week, 1LT CS Lewis. I've just learned that one of his best and most popular novels is to be released as a movie. See a commentary from Orthodoxy today here:
The Author, Apostolos Hill, has commended it in his bottom line is cited here,
For ourselves, for our children, and for our salvation it is vital that we take full advantage of the release of this wonderful film to explore these themes and the many others not touched upon above. The power of myth to convey essential truths is fully in line with the parables of the New Testament, only in our time we have become such literalists that we fail to see the import such myths carry and the truths they have the power to deliver.
So, enjoy the movie and talk about it with your children. Use it as an opportunity to discuss our most precious Faith with them. And if you haven't already done so, by all means, buy the Narnia series for your family this Christmas.
Here is the promotional site for the movie:

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