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Lessons from a Small West Texas Town

Lessons from a small West Texas Town
Rev. Arthur J. Mavrode, Tribunus
Pastor, Zoar Community Church of Rowena Texas
As I write this article, over two hundred innocent women and children are receiving care here in San Angelo, Texas at the Fort Concho Historical Landmark where by God's grace I have been called to serve as Chaplain.  I found it ironic or perhaps more a miracle that the state of Texas and its protection agencies for children and adults should choose Fort Concho as a haven for these victims of the Warren Jeffs Fundamentalist Mormon Church polygamist cult.  The children are frightened beyond words as they are now in a world that they have never known.  Their fear, I am afraid, has been increased by the media frenzy that has engulfed the old Indian Fort that once provided protection to men, women, and children of another time long ago.  Also, posted for the protection of these innocents are police of every uniform who are patrolling the Fort grounds on foot. 
You might be surprised that something like this could happen in West Texas were family values and held in great esteem and where the number of Christian congregations is high for the per capita of a city of just under one hundred thousand.  As you consider this contradiction it is also important to know that West Texas has had the dubious distinction of having one of the highest concentrations of practicing satanic cult groups in the nation.  Perhaps it is because of our remote location or our proximity to Mexico where drugs and criminals make their way across a porous border along with the thousands of hardworking immigrants who search for the American dream which I believe is still alive although seldom spoken of in our culture.  I am more inclined to believe that Satan does his greatest work when God's children are in deepest prayer and are sacrificially devoted to the furtherance of His kingdom. 
We here in West Texas take heart because we know that the enemy is already defeated and through the prayers and action of many West Texan Christians these innocent victims will be restored. 
I ask for your prayers and for your words of encouragement that will be passed on to those who are providing pastoral care at this time.  Moreover, I ask your prayers for the women and children who have been so grievously hurt.  
ο θεος ιλασθητι μοι τω αμαρτωλω
God, be merciful to me, the sinner!

Rev.  Arthur J. Mavrode
Pastor, Zoar Community Church of Rowena, Texas
published by permission of Centurion Mavrode

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