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Centurio Epistula – Compassion

In the Gospel appointed for the 16th Sunday after Trinity, Jesus showed compassion on the window of Nain. He consoled her, and brought her son back to life. In the epistle, Paul speaks of the Love of Christ that passes understanding.

In the Order of Centurions we remember the compassion of Cornelius the Centurion, a member of the Italian Cohort, who "gave much alms to the people"

Today we have the opportunity to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in showing compassion to complete strangers. In my hemisphere I think of the many efforts, faith-based and secular, that are going on to provide relief to the peoples of the Caribbean who have been devastated by tropical storms. Let us follow the example of our Lord and Cornelius in compassion, and take the time to do what we can to comfort and help our neighbor who is in need. Red Cross Donation

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