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Centurio Epistula – Putting God First

In the appointed Gospel for the 15th Sunday after Trinity , Jesus tells us we cannot have two masters. We cannot serve both God and mammon (money). Jesus then gives us wonderful examples of how God provides for his creation. He concludes by saying,

But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Four years ago during a presidential campaign debate, George W. Bush said that Jesus Christ was the most important philosopher in his life. He received quite a bit of criticism for saying that. He said the same sort of thing in his book, A Charge to Keep. Since becoming President he has stated time and again that his faith and relation with Jesus guide his decisions. That bothers a great many people. I think that is because they do not know Jesus, or understand His promise, or the way in which He, through the Holy Spirit, guides Christians.

In the Order of Centurions we salute Cornelius. God chose him to be the first baptized Christian because Cornelius put God first. God added to him eternal honor as a devout and righteous man. What more could one ask?

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