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Centurio Epistula – Natural Law and Homosexuality is back publishing and I commend this article entitled:
Homosexuality and the Corruption of a Culture: San Francisco is only the beginning
by John Mark Reynolds that was posted yesterday 9/02/04.
Mr. Reynolds makes a secular and religious case against any culture "approving" homosexual marriage - he makes a distinction between approval and endorsement as opposed to toleration.
His first argument looks to what everyone knows without having to look to any particular religion: Natural Law if you will (physical as well). He writes:

Homosexuality is not natural. Sexual relations, and the body parts that go with them, are designed for reproduction and for pleasure. The two functions are joined. Males and females are quite literally made for each other. Any other form of sexuality is deviant in the sense that it is not natural, not part of God's design plan for human beings. Humans are bi-sexual.

He then argues from a religious perspective. He says that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as most all other religions have always taught that homosexuality is wicked and warns that

"God judges wicked nations as well as wicked men."

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