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1. MEMORIAL: As we come to the end of September, let us pause a moment and remember these martyred Centurions who went before us:

Eustachius - September 20 AD188

Maurice & Theban Legion - Sep 22 AD 286

2. LIST SERVER We are working to set up a mail group/list server for the Order through Google. You should receive a notice shortly that you've been added to the group, and future missives may come through the mail group. We have put a sign-up block for the group at the bottom of our Order's home page to encourage visitors to subscribe. We can explore the best options to serve the Order as we go along. Currently I've set the group options to require approval of membership, and moderate posts, however, all may post. Certain members may be appointed as moderators. Currently registered members of the group should not have to do anything.

3. WEB SITE Recent enhancements to your Order's site include quick link from any page to the home page by clicking on the Labarum symbol, and to a site map and site search by clicking on the Gladius-Vitis. You may wish to look there as there may be some features on your Order's site that you've not yet seen. Also we have added an on-line Chapel with a link on the front page (I pray this will be a place you feel comfortable and drawn to visit frequently, there is a link to Sacred Space that is a truly inspired and a valuable site for the busy person to use for their meditation on Holy Scripture and prayer.) There is a new page on our Battle Cry: "In hoc signo vinces"

4. USAGE - PARTICIPATION Site Stats: There has been a steady increase in hits on the Order's web pages. In August there were 5,725 hits and as of last night, 29 September we were at 5,592 for this month. In one day there were 536 hits with 367 hours of viewing time. Please continue to promote the site with your friends and associates.

5. MEMBERSHIP Auxillia may now be in the general membership and do not need to be associated with a cohort. Auxillia are those members who have not yet been baptized but have said the vow and follow the rule. We encourage all to become baptized into the Church Militant in accordance with our Lord's command.

I invite your thoughts, comments, and recommendations concerning your Order and its website. Thank you for your participation and fidelity.

Please pray for the safety and health of our members - especially those deployed in hostile areas, for those of the Order in military service, and for our Chaplains and othere ministers.

Pax Christi

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